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MonCV3 Profesional logistik
MonCv3 Profesional logistik
MonCv3 Profesional logistik
MonCv3 Profesional Logistik

Metrovision Model MonCv3

MonCv3 is a multifunction perimeter.
It is designed for the evaluation of the central visual field (60 degrees) and peripheral field along the horizontal meridian (160 degrees). 
In addition to the "classic' visual field tests, it allows motion perimetry.
Several other tests of visual functions are available as options: visual acuity (Landolt and ETDRS), contrast sensitivity, glare, pupillometry and more...

MonCv3 performs conventional perimetry as well as F.A.S.T. perimetry (Fiber Adapted Static Testing Perimetry) that relies on a specific arrangement of testing points corresponding to the most frequent alterations of the retina and optic nerve fibers. These exams are designed to provide a maximum of clinically useful information within the minimum amount of time. 

MonCv3 can perform, as options, blue over yellow perimetry and motion perimetry as well as other tests such as visual acuity, vision tests under low contrast and low luminance conditions, glare test, macular pigment density, pupillometry, attention visual field 

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