Huvitz HOCT-1/1F

All-in-One OCT with Fundus

All-in-One HOCT is smart.

3D OCT & Fundus Camera, Totally integrated system combined with PC. Provides OCT and Fundus data on one Screen.


All-in-One HOCT is easy to use.

One button, it creates a High-speed Scan and a High-quality Image, giving greater insight for the ophthalmology clinic. One space, allows the acquisition of various types of analysis and diagnosis results.


Easy to use and results are outstanding and easily follow.

Huvitz All-in-One HOCT will be the icon for leading a new

era of Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT).


Huvitz OCT with Angiography

Innovative Angiography


Huvitz's own optical technologies, Real Time Tracking / Noise Cancelling / Motion Correction are inter-operating, and automatically analyzing & visualizing Retina, Microvessel of Choroid.



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