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Non-contact Tonometer Huvitz HNT-1/1P

Huvitz HNT-1/1P Profesional Logistik
Huvitz HNT-1 Profesional logistik
HNT-1/1P Profesional logistik
HNT-1/1P Profesional logistik
HNT-1/1P Profesional Logistik

With Smart Puffing Control Tech!

Soft & Smart Puffing, Corneal Thickness Compensation, Combined with Great

Economical Value - A New Standard in Intraocular Pressure Measurement

The new tonometer HNT-1/1P measures customized intraocular pressure with smart function auto adjustable puffing intensity. Intuitive interface based on corneal thickness to compensate for IOP value, produces accurate measuring data immediately and effortlessly.

Auto-adjustable Smart Puffing Control

Its Smart function is possible with customized intraocular pressure as it adjusts the Puffing pressure level based on the patient's own intraocular pressure.

Auto Tracking Guide Display (GUI)

User-friendly animated feedback for User, when outside of normal auto-tracking range, to help guide with the required joystick & chin rest adjustments needed.

Accurate IOP & CCT Measurement

To measure accurate intraocular pressure, simply input patient’s corneal thicnkness on the HNT-1 to print-out compensated IOP value. (HNT-1)
When using the built-in pachymeter, available on the HNT-1P, it immediately shows compensated IOP value. (HNT-1P)

Visualization for Corneal Thickness Measurement

Bilateral corneal thickness by visualizing cross-section image of measured cornealthickness. (HNT-1P)

User friendly ACA Function

ACA cross-section capturing functionhelps to support the diagnosis of angle- closure which is one of the main causes of glaucoma. (HNT-1P)

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