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HBK 410

NEW: Excelon HPE-410 with integrated drilling 

EXCELON 3D Profesional logistik
EXCELON 3D Profesional logistik

3D Precision Edger

Built-in Tracer reading more precisely with 3 dimensional measurements

Auto or Semi-Auto or Concave mode can be selected. The stylus can be manually placed in the narrow groove of challenging frames in the Semi-Auto mode and the concave shape of the demo lens is recognized in the Concave mode. Tracing frames and at the same time edging lenses gains efficiency and dramatically cuts-down overall job time.

Easier Hydrophobic Mode

With ultra-water-repellent coated lenses that are susceptible to slipping and deflection, processing options such as roughing method, safety mode, pressure control of the adaptive clamp chuck, and rotation speed of the lens can be adjusted and operated at the same time

Adaptive Clamp Chuck to prevent lens deformation

- Minimizes axis twist which prevents lens & coating damage when processing High-curved Lenses
- Automatic adjustment for 3-step pressure (high, medium, low) / Manual input adjustment (from 50 to 150%)

3 Feeling Position Modes for various Conditional Measurements

- Optimum feeling positioning according to various situations and conditions such as measuring in normal mode, changing frames and Bevel shortfall checking
- 3 Feeling Position Modes : Both side, Front only for CAP lens, Rear only for EX lens
- Feeling after roughing option for Safety bevel / Grooving Quality

System Configuration
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E
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