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Slit Lamps

Slit Lamp

Huvitz HS 7000/HS 7500

Advanced optic system, remarkable difference!

Ultra high end optic system chosen by the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Slit Lamp

Huvitz HS 5000/ HS 5500

See the difference!


See the difference by looking through the Huvitz slit lamp chosen by opinion leaders in the industry.

kowa slit lamp.png

Portable Slit Lamp
Kowa SL-17

LED portable slit lamp


Powered by AAA bateries, anti-tip design, digital image support, available in four colors!

Imaging System

Huvitz HIS 5000/ HIS 7000

From diagnosis and patient data management to presentation and image proccessing!


The kit of user-friendly image management system

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