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Digital Lensmeter

Huvitz HLM 1

Faster and more accurate results!

The new HLM-1, from Huvitz, has a slim and modern design. Its Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Technology makes the measured values more accurate and reliable with Class B certification, the international safety standard of medical equipment.

Auto Lensmeter

Huvitz HLM 9000

Another jump in accuracy!


Striving both accuracy in measurement and efficiency in operation at a time leads you to HLM-9000.

HLM-9000 welcomes you to enjoy its superiority in wavefront analysis technology of Hartmann sensor and automatic lens recognition.

A beautiful curvilinear design speaks emotional stability to you.

With HLM-9000, take satisfaction which you have ever enjoyed before.

Digital Lensmeter

Huvitz HLM 7000

Supreme precision with great comfort!


Huvitz Digital Lensmeter HLM-7000 shows that supreme precision can be compatible with great comfort.

HLM-7000 realizes supreme precision with cutting-edge digital technology. Graphical User Interface leads the most satisfying

operation providing intuitive guide. Enjoy the confidence with its beautiful design.


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