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Visual Field - Perimeters

MonCvONE Profesional logistik
MonCvONE Profesional Logistik
Profesional Logistik perimeter
Profesional Logistik perimeter

Metrovision Model MonCvONE

MonCvONE is a full field projection perimeter entirely compatible with the Goldmann standard and modern perimetry standard.
It allows high resolution static perimetry as well as kinetic perimetry with automated and manual modes.


It is presently, thanks to its large viewing field camera, the only perimeter capable of TRUE BINOCULAR exams.
It is therefore the best option to test visual aptitudes for drivers and handicapped subjects.


Thanks to its video recording capability, it is also suitable for the assessment of ptosis, the test of diplopia visual field
(fusion field or field of single vision) and for recording the cardinal positions of gaze.


An advanced model, MonCvONE-CR, is also available for clinical research investigations. It includes, in addition to the standard tests, dark adapted chromatic perimetry, dark adaptometry and chromatic pupillometry.

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