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Digital refractor Huvitz HDR 7000

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Innovative design and powerful performance!


Satisfaction, confidence and comfort- HDR-7000 realizes advanced refraction test with cutting-edge digital technology. Fulfill more precise exam with various vision tests covering basic to more sophisticated ones.


Luxurious design and intuitive graphic interface meet the highest requirement of

aesthetic and functional comfort. Slim design with wide viewing angle makes precision even more attainable.

User-friendly touch screen interface, jog dial and switches provide perfect control for various operations. The swiveling and tilting display can be shown in every direction to make refraction tests more intimate.

Explore the exciting new design features.

Real time guide

Graphical representation displayed on screen guides test process easier &faster in real time.

Various image clips

Color blindness test, Amsler’s Grid, and many other kinds of near vision charts are provided for more perfect test.  Various image clips including progressive lens guide, diagram of an eye & refraction, etc. support better understanding for customers.


Dual cross cylinder lens

Dual cross cylinder lens supports fast and convenient astigmatic test.


Touch Screen

Touch screen interface offers intuitive guide with great convenience for operation.

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