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Digital Refractors

Digital Refractor Huvitz HDR 9000

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The more exam options you have,

the more you see!


Huvitz's digital refractor HDR-9000 is reinforced with systematic customizable

refraction entailing 21point exam and curvilinear design.

HDR-9000 helps those who suffer from visual acuity problems with advanced

refraction customizable for individual preference and satisfaction.

A beautiful curvilinear design speaks emotional stability in you.

With HDR-9000, take satisfaction which you have ever enjoyed before.

Experience 21 point exam!

21 Point Exam removes complex knowledge or experience and now everyone can perform refraction easily. No more headache-explanation is needed, but all results appear on display for easy reading for both examiners and patients.

Guidance with prism, addition power prescription and visual function test in accordance with exam results are available for easy use.

Tiltable Body

Highly advanced near vision exam is enabled with tiltable body from 0° to 45° delivering feeling of reading a book.

Wireless Communication

Experience wireless communication with HRK-9000A and HLM-9000 via Wi-Fi for data transmission.(RS-232 cable is also possible)


LCD Chart Compatibility

Compatibility with polarized LCD chart provides even economical efficiency.

(Both linear and circular polarization)


Fast and Silent Lens Loading

Fast lens loading helps to minimize accommodational interference and fatigue of examinees’ eyes. Silent operation offers more comfort during exam.


Slimmer Design

Slimmer design even prevents minimum mechanical interference during exam and enables easy monitoring over patients. 


Cross Cylinder Lens

Dual cross cylinder lens as well as Jackson cross cylinder lens supports highly accurate exams over astigmatism axis and visual acuity. Improved speed of lens movement prevents accommodation interfering exam and guarantees

accurate astigmatic exam.


Monocular Height Adjustment

Customized exam is available for those who have different monocular heights within adjustment +/- 3mm.

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