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Streak Retinoscopes

Highly Reliable, with over 50 years of Development

Neitz retinoscopes have a history spanning more than 50 years, with a record of accuracy and operability, which is reflected in the opinions of ophthalmologists and ORTs worldwide. In an age where technology has progressed from analog to digital and from manual to automated, our retinoscopes are highly reliable and continue to be highly rated globally for their accuracy and convenience. 

Accurate Astigmatism Diagnosis Using Sharp Light Streaks

In retinoscopes, the shape of the filament is projected along with the light. Therefore, the machining accuracy of the filament determines the quality of the lighting. In a Neitz retinoscope, a filament having a diameter of 0.05 mm is precisely processed, whereby sharp light streaks can be obtained. This helps to support the accurate diagnosis of the astigmatic axis.

Superior Operability with Adjustable Beam

The beam can be continuously rotated through 360°, making the rotation possible from any position. This suits the measurement of the astigmatic axis. There are separate controls for beam width and beam rotation. Beam width does not change during rotation.

Thoroughly Pursuing Visibility

The reflection-free filter provides a brighter and wider field of vision, resulting in less fatigue even after extended use. Also, for those using glasses, it is possible to equip a mechanism that allows presbyopic lenses to be easily mounted.

Streak retinoscope RX series Catalogue in PDF

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