NEW: Kaizer XX Huvitz HPE-910 with integrated DRILL and STEP BEVEL


with integrated DRILL and STEP BEVEL

Make you ideal configuration with/or without Drill and Step Bevel + Autoblocker/ Smart blocker/Manual blocker 

With Kaizer XX's absolute high speed, increase the efficiency and economic feasibility of your business!

80 Seconds / Fast Control

80 seconds to cut the frame with KAIZER XX.

KAIZER XX has enhanced not only its high speed, but also its stability.

35 Styles of Step-Bevel / Ultimate Flexibility

KAIZER XX supports almost all of frame types with the combination of 7 different step bevel types and 5 edge styles. For example, full or partial, front or rear, bevel top or grooved top, and etc.

2X Built-in Drill Solution / Synergy Effect

Built-in Driller reduces processing time by 50%

Enjoy the reduced processing time, greater diversity and advanced scalability.

Smarter Performance / Art of Work

Easier to process any kinds of jobs, including complex and difficult ones.

- Smarter algorithm, automatic recognition, intuitive GUI, compatibility, even with crystal clear polishing.

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