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Auto Ref-Keratometer Huvitz HRK 9000A

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Combining Everything into One!


Unceasing efforts for higher accuracy lead to objective refraction followed by standardized subjective refraction with HRK-9000A and in the end, unprecedented accurate results wait for you.


HRK-9000A speaks no compensation, but perfectionism in refraction

composed of glare test, superior contrast sensitivity and TFBUT/ Meibography which are introduced for the first time in the world.


A beautiful curvilinear design speaks emotional stability in you.

With HRK-9000A, take satisfaction which you have ever enjoyed before.

Subjective VA Test

Comparison between subjective and objective VA tests yields more

reliable and accurate data. Subjective VA test is useful in deciding necessity of progressive lenses because it checks visual acuity based on patients’ responses.


Wavefront Technology

Huvitz’ wavefront analysis algorithm goes beyond general refraction to conclude highly accurate and reliable cornea refractive power and index. Wavefront technology measures the wavefront of light reflected from the retina and the refractive power with various sensors divided by sectors and analyzes them with extreme precision.


Micro Lens Array

Huvitz’ own developed Micro Lens Array creates a number of separated focal spots, of which the pattern provides valuable information of patients’ ocular systems.


More Accurate Data

Accuracy of KER data is improved by setting optimal zone diameter on measuring spot and also REF data by standardization of quantity of

light of fogging chart and fogging lens position along with complete block of accommodation.


Color View Mode

Full color CCD camera and white LED light source in auto ref / keratometer enable you to see eyes and contact lens fitting status which was previously only possible with slit lamps.

Contrast Sensitivity and Glare Test

Highly reliable night visual acuity is examinable with low contrast sensitivity test and glare test which perfectly reproduces halo effect. Progress after refractive or cataract surgery can be monitored effectively.


TFBUT Measurement and Meibography

Conditions of tear film and dry eye can be collected by TFBUT(Tears Film Break-Up Time) are readable for thorough understanding of visual acuity. Degeneration of meibomian gland can be also monitored with enough light source and image

enhancement function.

Peripheral Keratometry Measurement

Continuous measurement on periphery of cornea at 90° both vertically and horizontally from center of cornea produces curvature and eccentricity values of all points and allows best fitting of contact lenses.


IOL Mode

Extra measurement mode is available for IOL power or visual acuity after cataract surgery.


Iris and Pupil Diameter Measurement

Image capturing function supports highly accurate exam by measurement of iris and pupil diameter with diameter from 2mm to 14mm.


Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide

The world’s first contact lens fitting function in an auto ref / keratometer enables you to see fluorescein liquid with blue illumination.


Efficient Contact Lens Prescription

Image capture and contrast regulation are possible. HRK-9000A gives you the best On-K fitting guide based on the base curve and KER value.

Touch and Tilting 7” Color Display

Wide color TFT LCD supports high-resolution images and real-time image processing to realize afterimage-less image quality. Moreover, swiveling and tilting touch display is readable from any direction for smooth communication

between examiners and examinees.


Auto Tracking

Cutting edge auto sensor and 3 dimensional movement mechanism allow you to track down a measuring focus of an eye automatically and complete 

measurement perfectly even with inexperienced users.


Auto Cutting Printer

Embedded printer allows to print 10 measurement data within 3 seconds without noise at all. Replacement of paper roll is in one-touch action.


Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication via Wi-Fi allows perfect data transmission with HDR-9000 and HLM-9000 regardless of working environment. Classic communication via RS-232 cable is available for data transmission with previous models.

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