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Digital Chart Huvitz HDC-9100N/PF

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With full HD technology!

A great variety of charts and vision test procedures bring you the most accurate prescription!


The variety of Huvitz LCD Charts and Optotypes System, HDC-9100N/PF,

now in Full HD technology.

High Resolution 24” LCD Chart

This high resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) 24” Color TFT-LCD with polarized panel supports more precise visual acuity testing.

Various Types of Standard Visual Acuity Charts

The various standard charts include tests such as Letter, Number, landolt C, Snellen E. Children chart and other specialty charts as well

Color Vision Test

HDC-9100N/PF presents 12 charts for testing Color Blindness and 9 charts for classifying the level of visual inability.

Contrast Sensitivity Test

The HDC-9100N/PF also has a function to measure contrast sensitivity at various levels using letter charts and the bar.

Hue Test

For the color blindness test, the HDC-9100N/PF supports the professional test consisting of 85 color charts diversified by wavelength and the simple test of 15 color charts.

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